Chance/Dance of Discourse

bury i

bury me
as Rasta
Afrikan Drums
Spoken Word

burn me
as Rasta
roots rock
and ash

play sum
Bob Marley
Linton Kwesi
and bone breakin’
true dub

i and i
for word

bury i
as Rasta
take i
to the water
as Babylon burns

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or any choice
of self-determination
through annihilation,
if every act
is an act of God,
does it matter
who pulls a trigger?

eric james/JahHannibal Abba-Ra
New World Artist

[Let no one feel guilty
for the choices i have made
it is my decision
for this path to a restful grave
feel happy with me –
rejoice, and celebrate!]
Dance to the Music

What better day
than the 7th of May

no He or She,
do not use those terms if you eulogize me: ALL FORCES CAN ONLY BE DEFINED AS THE GODLY SPIRIT, THE GREAT SPIRIT
no mortal personification

“Our Jah, which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy will be done in earth,
As it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive them that trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
The power, and the glory,
For ever and ever.
Amen Ra”

Amos 9:7

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tales for survivors

is the illusion
we are cells
of a singular body
there is no separation
between healer
and patient”
-samana mh (“THE ONE”)

and every thing
is a world,
and worlds end
as new worlds
come into play

toward healing
hearts toward
help me
help you
help me

i used
to dance
in the woods
sleep, make love
by a
flowing stream
became lost
in the reality
of dreams

i used
to farm
grow food
work and play
make music to the air
relentless in the love
of Creation

seeing my separateness
as a threat
to Oneness
revealed a dichotomy
of an extensive history
in the torn fabric
of humanity
but we must see
that healer and patient
are united through
a common destiny

i strayed
as i prayed
became consumed
by consumption
became doomed
in sickness
by corruption
and death
thought my strengths
were weakness
my harmony
into the lives
of constant war

this is a time
of great revolution –
a cyclic completion
of social disruption
and earthly convulsions –
a time when we must end
for a new Spirituality to begin

i had
to come here
to death’s valley
to face a final fear

the electric lady
is all the beauty
of memory

my drum
to be silenced
with every
broken heart

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holes in the holy

-Jonas Hellborg/Tony Williams (instrumental from cd “The Word”)

no matter what
the “other” sees
there is value
in my love for humanity

for what purpose
is the Church
if it never heals
what always hurts?

all of our work
everyone hated
everything violated

war after war
religion becomes a joke –
a political whore
with a leash around her throat

would turn our hearts
pain and rot?

maybe final justice and peace will be created
when it is mandated:
everyone hated
everything violated
and we share a fair Creation
of an equal Armageddon
all things
Sacred and One
beneath the umbrage of bloodshed and bombs

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a peace of shit!

“if Mamie Till was the mother
of God
every river would be still
so nothing thrown in
could travel downstream;
barbed wire could only be
worn as a necklace
by senators …”
-Joseph Ross (“if Mamie Till was the mother of God”)

“You go see the things them do, you go hear the things them say
You go see the corruption
You go see the inflation
You go see the suffering
Suffering of the people
Ahh, lo ri si ri si”
-Seun Anikulapo Kuti (“Many Things”)

is evil
in the infinite Nature
of all things –
or is this a question
that only humans
must ponder

hold to your gods
of compassion and war
hypocrisy and immorality
worship of money
slaughter and slavery –
live with them
and die with them

i look to
the forces of hearts
harmony and humanity
vestiges of Spirituality –
a higher reality

the peace
you have come to know
is depression, starvation, and oppression
by the rich to keep you controlled and poor –

this is what we get –
a peace of shit

take your gods, wars
and traditions
your pimps, whores
and extraordinary renditions
into your racist havens
your fascist heaven

stop clouding
my visions
stop polluting
pure wisdom

you know nothing
of true liberation
you show nothing
of freedom


this is what we get –
a peace of shit!

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