Chance/Dance of Discourse


The time has come for the practice of universal balance.

We must remember that words are only abstractions, one of our greatest gifts as life-forms of consciousness, cognizance, and the ability to re-construct creation through the process of the pursuit for higher intelligence. Words are a medium that connect thoughts to the meaning of physical existence, physical beingness. Words and language are of the first human sciences, without which, we would have not accomplished anything as a species. Without communication, there is no quest for civilization. Without communication, there is no formation or foundation for any group, tribe, or nation, or any goal for unification.

Actions are the manifestation of the perfected realization between consciousness and abstraction. Actions speak louder than words because words are the wish, while actions produce the work. This is what we all must realize in order to evolve to the next level of a higher humanity, together.

Now, where am I going with this? Well, words mean nothing without proof of their precedence to reality. Words are most powerful because not only can they be used to document history, creativity, and universal motion, but they can also be used to create myths, fantasies, and the perpetual distortion of absolute truths.

Words are of our greatest arts, and also of the greatest tools to move and influence our masses. Thus, the beginning of this site/sight — ArtPolitik. We all must learn to take the artist within ourselves seriously enough to know how to separate the truths from the tricks. We are creatures who are able to explore the dimensionality of existence. Why waste time locked in one state of mind, or one attitude, or altitude, when there is an infinite palette of discoveries to experience.


I am a worker, writer/poet, and experimental drummer. I have practiced a discipline of righteousness for many years on this planet. This is why I am sharing this apparatus with whoever chooses to view. I am offering one window, one part of the Way, to chance discourse; to debate; to discover; to travel through dimensions together. Be not afraid to release the Mind-Spirit of your being.