Chance/Dance of Discourse

spell drum

“each change
is a good change
each cry
is a good cry”
-Michael Franti

“And Home
Sings me of sweet things
My life there has its own wings
To fly over the mountains
Though I’m standing still”
-Karla Bonoff

seek strong soulkraft pull spiritfarer from under sands
somalia needs feeding witch doctor santeria allahgod vodun lands
come come whereyoufor oh holiness host evah da most
calling back true cosmik conduits original timer dance of ghosts

give da starved full belly
give da starved full belly

nothing alien all things relative caution eminent domain
people-tools render rules follow boilerplate pain
matumbi point of view dunt disappear and classik LKJ
update educate consciousness hubble photos of a new day

get i past i scars
get i past i scars

planet-killers selfish fat-wad piggies eating the satan sandwich
schizoids of history amnesiaoids of misery lynchers smoking witch
tulsa black wall st. countrymen burned banned buried forgotten
smell what dwells w/the racists/fascists always been rotten

drown in yo blood money
drown in yo blood money

apocalypse katrina her-i-cane beta remember what happened
bridge danziger dead giveaway for the emergency klan plan
stupidazz niggaz crackazz all got dey haids unda da covers
gated out iz da poe moat folks castled-in iz da turd blossom rovers

devils iz az devils does
devils is as devils does

chant up Eratosthenes buried beneath western lies lost books
afrikans we all is bastardfuckers fixed narcissism you myopically look
full-a-shit scholars artists feed matrix samo basquiat syndrome
eye fuckfart fallapart twist views blues hear i and i spell drum

mojojujuvoodoofoofoo future drum
mojojujuvoodoofoofoo future drum
mojo juju voodoo foo future drum
future drum
full sure drum
foot tear drum
foot sure drum
deconstrucktion drum
reconstruction drum
vision drum
future drum
future drum

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alien within

“In order to conceive of a problem on a social and/or political level we all need to have access to the same language; in other words, we need to achieve linguistic parity just to have the potential to take actions in concert.”
-Walter Mosley (Twelve Steps Toward Political Revelation)

managers hide in the hedges fund scraps
crawling on pork bellies pollute bond smokestacks
stocks inflate unions deflate all workers with broke backs
lap-dog cops slap options rich thieves feed us more crap

investors speculators segregate integrate switch and bait
good-bye low sell high buy your soul to the sky despise and hate
in arrogance and belligerence claim earth and the best of everything
magnetic romancing see those exotic derivatives dancing

toxic world buried polluted by immorality greed what’s to defend
i am a threat to them i am their alien within
jesus-killaz tomb raiders space invaders tax evaders
who determined the image of dreadlocked predators?

assault burglary shootings robbery theft inhumanity
shameless liars of distant fires the result of the heathen destiny
innerstarship always far above this powers never to explain
i am a threat to them cannot comprehend the shield against their pain

black and white fascists
can care less
ignore your misery
spin their lies and revise history

i guarantee
leave nothing to chance
and take a stance
dem will pee they pants

stand still Earth
i am their alien within
karma haunted crybaby
brutal scared shit heathen

this is The Day
i am their alien within
they cannot change their ways
let them end

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“When I get older
I will be stronger
They’ll call me ‘Freedom’
just like a wavin’ flag”

“Live and give
The best of your ability
Live and forgive
Your Brothers
And your Sisters
And if you don’t forgive
How do you expect
To be forgiven
For the many wrongs
Of which you have done”
-Israel Vibration

“All in all is all we all are”
-Nirvana (Kurt Cobain)

there is nothing radical about barbarism –
barbarism has always been extreme brutality
to overwhelm everything
and rule over our reality

nothing has changed
nothing new in that game
a tradition untamed
always deranged

in our hearts
when we need a new start
it may require thinking
beyond what is normally in our thoughts

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