Chance/Dance of Discourse


all of my ancestors
within me –
the Afrikan, Irish,
and Cherokee
see through each other
as enemies –
combine into this harmonious,
personal unity
extending my ability
to see
and be
a greater me

i am a personality
with a country,
an internationality,
and a universality
truly free
as a cosmic mentality
all one

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odor order

“Your mind is an instrument, a tool. It is there
to be used for a specific task, and when the task is
completed, you lay it down. As it is, I would say about
80 to 90 percent of most people’s thinking is not only
repetitive and useless, but because of its dysfunctional
and often negative nature, much of it is also harmful.
Observe your mind and you will find this to be true.
It causes a serious leakage of vital energy.”
-Eckart Tolle
(The Power of Now)

get out!
leave the rat race to the rats
Sodom and Gomorrah
are not worth the looking back

commune with the sacrosanct nature
of your being
feel what you have not been feeling
see what you have not been seeing

commit to healing
consign to healing
resign to healing

make your Self
a wider field
of space, spirit, sound
you are not imprisoned by the unreal

put yourself in the balance
of imbalance
know the divine transcendence
of the visionary trance

if you are pushed –
push back
you will know
the time to act

we are from the dirt
we return to the dirt
fear not becoming dirty
working for a better Earth

peace will return
with us, or without us
peace will return
trust or no trust

expand, or rot
embrace higher beingness
or recycle the smells
of spiritual emptiness

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