Chance/Dance of Discourse

before ya dead

“love this vibe so true
words reaching beyond their own technology”

what needs to be said
before ya dead

it’s a record for the future
for new thoughts to nurture
for new worlds to discover
for new civilizations and cultures
for cosmic visions to structure
music yet extracted from the aether

bring forth
what needs to be said
before ya dead

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their diseased perception
is a limiting infection
leading any planet to destruction

separate yourself
from their unholy, unclean direction
separate yourself from their lies
let the truth be your absolute protection

in their minds
you are always their slaves
their shit is your shit
to carry for the rest of your days


it’s not a belief system
it’s how you build your person
domination is abomination
purge yourself
from these parasites of Creation

they are demons
bloodsuckers of freedom
they respect no one
the lowest of the low
is their reflection
highly evolved vermin

they are full of shit
they do not really know or care
how others think or live
one-sided monsters
who cannot trust or forgive
two-faced fucks
mashing the world through a capitalist sieve

they bring out the worst
from the best of us
curses to curses
dust to dust

study the case
of Mumia Abu-Jamal
this will tell you the story
of how their Ferris Wheel rises and falls

lying, spying, warring and prying
at the expense of our world dying

do not allow
their terminal circumstance
to become an obstruction
to your universal relevance

i bow down
to the humble human
i detest
ruthless demons

i honor and respect
the peaceful human
i have nothing but curses
for wicked demons

i bow
to the humble human
i bow
to the peaceful human
i bow
to the higher human
i bow, i bow, i bow
to the greater evolution

karma will engulf
all oppressive demons
cleansing the Earth
of these tyrants for all seasons

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through space

to hate others
is to hate
a part of one’s self.
who has that kind of time
to waste
giving in to hell?
-JahHannibal / 2008

is it oddly, strangely
or just a
cyclic tangent
-JahHannibal / 2008

a thaumaturgic moment
of infinite, eternal
cosmic movements

the way i structure
my perception
the way i challenge
the normal direction
of the Way
of the Way
are of many Ways
into One

i alpha-jerk
double my work
the world
won’t toss me off

i do the holy-diddley
against all gravity
the world does not know me
yet it continues to hold me

hands are for feeling
feet are for dancing
through space
through space

life is for learning
life is for preparing
to leave this world
to study the dimensions
of planets
to gain divine respect
in knowledge, insight,
and karmic happiness
dancing through space
dancing through space

supreme mind
supreme music
supreme love

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harmony, not anomaly, naturally

“The world is holy, the soul is holy
The skin is holy, the nose is holy
The tongue and cock and hand and asshole
Holy . . .”
- Patti Smith

no matter the belief system game
you cannot judge everyone as the same
regardless of bloodline, name
or how we are socially arranged

there are always humans
who practice being humane
ever willing to do good, ever evolving
and synchronized with change

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